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The top three ingredients in a successful sale in a reasonable timeframe are price, presentation and marketing.


We provide a free, no-obligation appraisal service to help you set the optimal price for your home. Setting the list price correctly is critical in achieving the highest price for your property.


Maximise the chance that a buyer will fall in love with your home by ensuring the presentation is the best it can be. Focus Realty has negotiated a package between three different yet related industries to create the Focus Realty Value Add Offer.

Focus Realty Value-Add Offer

To help enhance the presentation of your property, Focus Realty will provide your choice of the following options:

Internal House Clean - To help with the presentation of the property, Focus Realty will provide a professional cleaner for a full, internal house clean;


Professional Photography - To maximise your advertising dollar, Focus Realty will employ the services of a Professional Photographer to portray your property in its best light for all advertising;


Interior Decorator Report - To enhance the presentation and feel of the property, Focus Realty will employ the services of an Interior Decorator to provide a report on the property with any suggestions to enhance the presentation and feel of the property.



Because every property is different and everyone's budget is different, Focus Realty provides a Marketing Menu which allows you to control your marketing budget and where your marketing dollars are spent.

To book a free appraisal or to discuss the sale of your home, please contact us.






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We pay for 10% of your advertising!

It does not seem fair, that Sellers are paying for the branding of the real estate companies in print advertising, so Focus Realty pays for 10% of all print advertising carried out for your property.

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